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Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorney Dan Jaffe

Medical malpractice lawyer Dan Jaffe represents only injured persons. Dan never represents defendants or insurance companies, and is committed to providing personal representation and fighting for the rights of every medical malpractice client.

Failure to diagnose cancer or other conditions? Improper administration of anesthesia? Birth injury? Improper blood transfusion or tainted blood transfusion? Misdiagnosis of cancer or other conditions? Hospital mistakes? Medication errors? Botched surgery? Drug reactions? Medical mistakes - by doctors, residents, interns, nurses, technicians and others? Medical malpractice can occur in a hospital, at a nursing home, in a doctor's office or anywhere else medical personnel work. There are many types of medical malpractice cases, many of which cause either death or serious, permanent injuries. Medical errors occur frequently, and they affect every client differently. Dan Jaffe has the background, the skill and the knowledge to help his clients win their cases and receive the largest award possible. 1

Medical Malpractice victims need someone on their side

Victims of medical malpractice need an experienced attorney who will investigate their cases, hire the necessary experts, explain the various laws, answer questions, provide advice, and fight the insurance companies and defense attorneys to assure their rights are fully protected and they receive all of the compensation that they are entitled to. Consequently, Dan Jaffe investigates each medical malpractice case to determine which health care providers were negligent and then vigorously pursues these cases.

At the Law Offices of Daniel M. Jaffe, we only represent injured people. We never represent employers, defendants or insurance companies. We fight for you. We fight for your rights.

Experience counts

Over the course of 30 years, Dan has handled countless medical malpractice cases and is prepared for whatever a doctor's insurance company or defense attorney might do. Dan knows that medical malpractice claims are serious, and that the injuries are often permanent, and can dramatically affect his clients' ability to return to work and life as he or she knew it. Dan fights to obtain all possible benefits, including all of the pain and suffering, wage losses and medical expenses that his clients are entitled to.

Personal Service

Dan Jaffe evaluates and handles every case. Dan knows which experts to retain to prove his clients' cases and to obtain the best results. There is no charge for a consultation and Dan never charges a fee in a medical malpractice case until he makes a recovery for his clients.

When you need an attorney to handle your medical malpractice claim, call Dan Jaffe at 215-546-9500 or send him an email, at [email protected]. He will respond promptly.

Call today

Let Dan discuss the issues and go to bat for you.

Undivided Attention
Legal Scholar

1 Although Dan Jaffe handles many malpractice cases himself, Dan understands that some cases require special attention and, in those cases, he will partner with other attorneys and law firms (at no additional charge to his clients) to assemble the best legal team to represent his clients.

Call or e-mail Mr. Jaffe for a free no-obligation consultation or to answer any question you may have regarding your injury claim.
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